Blond Redhead at the MetroThis weekend was pretty fun. Hiromi and I hung out a bunch. We went and saw Grindhouse. it was entertaining. I didn't like planet terror. I realized half way through that I really don't like a lot of Rodriguez's horror movies. I like Sin City and his none zombie movies. Not his zombie movies. However, Death proof was AMAZING. So awesome. Hiromi was not as sad about planet terror after watching those ladies kick some ass. It was great.

Then on Saturday we went and saw Blonde Redhead at the metro. Always an awesome show. I love how noisy and loud blonde redhead gets. I am always surprised. It was a pretty solid show, even though they were schizoid about encores. they seemed to not be able to make up their mind about how many songs/encores they wanted to do. This always makes me wonder if they just wanted to get out of there. The only downside was that we stood next to two of the most annoying people ever. They were really drunk and stoned. and QUITE annoying. maybe I am getting old, but being at concerts around really stupid people is kinda annoying.

So finally the phone I want is released. The nokia e61i. it is basically a nokia e61 but with a camera. I really like the E series phones. they are sooo much better and more stable than the N series. I hate my N73. It is so annoying, crashing and dying ALL the time. I can't even start shozu without it giving me "Out of memory" errors and then hard crashing. However, my experience with the e series is that it is quite a bit more stable. I would trade more stability for a shittier camera anyday.

To end I want to reach through the Internet and punch fox news in the nuts. In fact, I want to reach through the Internet and punch anyone who likes fox news in the nuts. They are a bunch of sniveling weasels and should probably pay at some point for the slant they keep throwing on seeming innocuous stories. The most recent and, for me, most infuriating recently is how they handled Kurt Vonnegut's death. It seemed as if they were trying to minimize the importance a great author had on our society. They also were not very respectful at a time when they should have been. They had better and more positive coverage of Anna Nicole's death than of Vonnegut. WTF. If you are not aware what I am talking about, check out this view on youtube. Assholes!

Ok. I need to go home and eat food. and hang out with Hiromi. I am tired of the Internet and it hasn't been my friend today.

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