So I have been using twitter for a minute. I really enjoy it. I got all my friends on it and quite a number of my family using it. Its fun. I love getting updates and what not. However, the one thing I wish I could do with twitter is set the status of my various IM clients by sending a “tweet” to twitter. It would be awesome. You could then have your AIM status or Gtalk status show your latest twitter. Or better yet, you could have a semblance of presence with based on twitter pushed to your various statuses.

My buddy Derek and I whipped up a LAIM plugin to do this. But it is so far only for AIM and I don’t use LAIM. heh. But it worked for a bit. Ultimately what I want is a gaim plugin that will set my statuses for each account to my twitter status. Or even a standalone app. Something simple and fast.

The outcome would be the ability to use your twitter status to participate a little bit in the presence part of being online. How many of us have workstations that sit online all night with us gone. It would be neat to hover over one of your buddies names and see what they are up to now, not 5 hours ago.

So lets build this!

Check out our Google code page for our LAIM plugin we built. It should work, although Derek reported that it was a bit flaky. We plan to release more code for other clients. So chip in!