This weekend was a lot of fun. It isn’t over yet, but it has been so full of activity and good things that it has ruled.

So first off, Hiromi got a job. It is still about 5% tentative, but all she has to do is sign the contract and start. It is for a Japanese game company and I think it will fit hiromi well. She seemed to really like the people she interviewed with and she will get to use her management experience as well as Japanese. Exciting. The only downside is that we will have to get a car. Its not really that bad, but I have gone thus far without having to rely on an automobile - it is kind of sad that we have to succumb. So to make up for the fact that we don’t want a crazy car, I think we are looking at getting a Yaris. The little 3-door one. It is really good looking and should be great for commuting.

So Matiss’ birthday was this weekend. The “festivities” started on Thursday when Mark, Hiromi, Erica, Mantises and myself went to Ethiopian Diamond for some great food. It was nice to get together with everyone and eat. Mark was only able to be here for one night, so we took the opportunity to play halflife as a celebration of sorts for Matiss’ birthday. hah. I also told Matiss my birthday present for him. I got him tickets to see Dimmu Borgir with hiromi, Erica and myself. heh. so funny. I don’t know if it is a really great gift for Matiss, or a really great joke on hiromi and Erica. I guess we shall see soon enough.

So then on Friday night, we all met up for dinner at the excellent restaurant Rose Angelis. Aaron, Matiss and my roommate from college, was at dinner as well. He flew in to surprise Matiss. I don’t know if he was surprised or not, but it was awesome to see Aaron. It is great and the three of us have not changed so much as to not be able to get into the groove we had in college. It was awesome.

Then on Saturday, Hiromi and I hung out. We went to get Pho (my crack like addiction) and then watched lost, then met up with Tag for dinner. After dinner we met up with Matiss, Aaron and Erica at the hopleaf and had a couple really nice beers.

Then we crashed and now I am here. It was quite fun and totally entertaining. A great weekend.

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