Ivan and I are in Santa Clara this week for the mysql conference. We are going to learn how to make threadless so fast that it breaks hearts. That is really fast. We got here a bit earlier today and have been waiting for our rooms to become ready. The weather is great - about the same as Chicago and I think it will only get better as we stay here.

I am excited to see what the mysql peeps have to offer and it will be fun to hang out with the rackspace people as well. I think on Thursday, Ivan and I will be giving a tech talk at Google about skinnycorp stuff. So that should be interesting.

I will be updating with various thoughts and what not throughout the week. Especially if something really cool or exciting strikes me.

If anyone is here as well - leave a comment and lets get together and get a drink or something. It should be fun. And we have stickers… oh so many stickers!

btw, It always cracks me up that santa can be rearranged into satan. heh.