So I haven't been updating as much as I should. I don't really know why. I have a LOT to blog about. In the past month - I have met some really cool people, attempted to learn python better, got and hacked a bunch with an OLPC. visited and gave a interesting tech talk to Google, hosted a CHIPY meeting and went to the mysql conf in Santa Clara. These are all things that deserve at least one entry if not more than one.

I guess my excuse is that I am a slacker and have been busy. But busy with what?! I guess I don't know. I have been doing a lot of work from home - also working on side projects and hacking shit up. I read a lot of tech books right now and have been playing with IRC a bit more than I should.

So starting right now. I am going to blog about my last month. I am going to break it up and blog in reverse chronological order. So I will start with the most recent and end at the mysql conference. Hopefully I won't give up before I am done.

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