weewar.com cornerSo a couple weeks ago I found weewar and applied for an invite. Once I got in, I invited some friends. Then we fought our little wars. They were wee. Weewar is basically a turn based strategy game where you have little guy who have different roles. You attempt to capture your opponents bases and kill their men. I have never before gotten so many instant messages declaring “I am in your base, killing your dudes.” So we played weewar a bunch. For about a week we played. I invited all my friends, played an assload of games - got destroyed, and then I got bored.

Then my coworker Adam invited me to a scrabble game over at scrabulous. OMG. So instead of getting work done, and instead of playing weewar - I just played scrabble. They have a really cool interface that doesn’t require a password or anything to use the game. You just click the link that is in your turn email and bam. your game is rocking. I ended up inviting my mom, and my brother and some other friends. And after playing about 10 concurrent games and winning and losing a bunch. I decided to take it easy.

So just when I gave up on the games altogether - I was awarded with a weewar pro account. Aargh! So then of course, I have to play a bunch more games and use the new weapons and cool new levels.

I am giving up games from now on. Unless someone wants to play scrabble….

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