Comcast is a bad person. I really hate them. On Wednesday, my internet died. So I call up and they tell me that they need to send a tech. So Friday I take off from work. The tech doesn't show. They claim he did show. long story short - I have no internet still. I am so mad. So anyway, hiromi and I have been stealing internet from neighbors and random cafes and what not. However, it is a pain - cuz our entire network is set up to work together. If we are stealing internet, we can't play music over itunes. We can't see our mp3s. and generally - life is less good. hahah. So I decided to take one of my extra WRT54G APs and solve the problem.

I decided to try the bluebox openwrt solution to use the WRT54g router to feed internet to my LAN. It totally worked. And is hilarious. a bit slow. But it is better than having to choose a different AP every ten minutes. And now our itunes works and pretty much everything is back to normal.

I can't wait until I get Comcast back.