So. A neat thing happened to night. Crackers just tried to social engineer me out of a ftp passwd based on my whois record. Fun Fun. They called and told me that their had been an incident and they were resetting my ftp password for my server. The only issue was that their research was a bit off. But it was a interesting situation.

I wonder how much this happens. And i wonder if my server is for some reason under attack. I imagine it is. Man. Sometimes the Internet is annoying.

Ok. Back to bed. or maybe back to figuring out why my server is being attacked at 2am by UK crackers with voip tricks. Man. They even had a call back number in the states. i wonder if it was an ipkall number? heh. probably. I don’t remember what it was. I need to remember to record these calls.

I guess the bottom line is - always call back before giving sensitive info - and make sure you call a number you already know. scary. heh.