A friend of mine works for high times. So Charlie and I figured we would send them a small swag package - and then they would send us a swag package. Fun fun. And a simple transaction.. or so we thought.

Natasha is my friend who works for High Times.

Here is our chat log:


Natasha: hey what’s the address there?
Harper: [address redacted]
Natasha: alright!
Natasha: will be sending you out a box!!
Natasha: fancy
Harper: awesome!
Natasha: yeah!


Natasha: hey dude i just got back from tennessee and the package i
sent was on my desk waiting.
Natasha: i think i got the address wrong
Natasha: so i figured out what was wrong with the address i sent
Natasha: total dyslexia
Natasha: Woodravens Ave.
Natasha: yay!
Harper: haha


Harper: we are so lost without our package
Natasha: fucking stoners.
Natasha: you never got it?
Harper: nope
Natasha: that’s super awesome
Natasha: i’ve got a tracking number
Harper: oh yes!
Natasha: HAHAHAHA it was sent to 419 Park Ave. South NY, NY 10016
Natasha: that’s us

Awesome! I love this shit!

(In defense of Natasha - it was the mailroom and not her. She is totally able to ship stuff!)

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