I work at a crazy place. No matter what the occasion or day there is something absolutely insane going on. Everyone at work is insanely creative, talented and generally amazing. We are all very different as well. Its really fun. I am always attempting to think of some activity to harness this energy and creativity.

I had this idea awhile back that I have been attempting to execute and I really want other to do it too - so I am going to share it here as an attempt to get it out and flush out some of the "rules."

The idea is a secret Santa mix CD swap. You start with a list of people who are participating. Then you match everyone up with someone else. It works best if it is totally random or drawn. This way people will get a somewhat random person to make a mix CD for. Each person then takes the name or the other person and makes a mix tape that they think the target person would like.

I think an important detail is to collect all the mix CDs together until they are all completed. That way nobody gets their cd before anyone else. This also makes the next few days pretty fun - when people start comparing what is on each cd and what not.

I think it will be really funny. To see what people perceive your music tastes as being. Especially in an organization like Threadless - that is on the verge of having too many people to execute something like this. There is a pretty good chance that a person will draw a person whom they had only had superficial interaction with. A mix CD would then be created with their interpretation of that person's music taste. Hilarious!

You should do it with your friends. It will be fun.

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