My Comcast cable Internet has been out 4 times in the last 2 months. It is killing me. When speakeasy used to go out (very rarely), I would call them and they would fix it. I never had to have a technician come to my home and check out my DSL modem. But with Comcast, every problem - even when they admit that it is probably in the wiring leading to the house - they insist on sending a technician and wasting my time.  Why do they insist on wasting peoples time?

I am so tired of it. If RCN cable was available to my house - I would have it in a second. It is so bad that I am tempted to go back to speakeasy - even though it would be much much slower. I would even pay much more money to not have to deal with Comcast ever again.

I HATE Comcast.

Seriously. If someone is reading this and they are from comcast. I hate your company. I can’t even begin to vocalize my disdain for the horrible service I have continued to receive.

UPDATE: So it turns out that all those times I told comcast that the outage was not me and was them - was correct. They called me tonight and left a message saying: “We have identified and fixed an outage in your area. Thank you.” I still hate them!

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