LollapaloozaIt has been a week, and I am still reveling in how much fun we had. Lollapalooza has always been really fun. I have enjoyed going to the shows since I started in 92. There were a few rough spots here and there (I.e. after 98) but lollapalooza has turned out to be an amazing event. And its even more amazing that it is a HUGE event in Chicago. Awesome.

It all started on Thursday night when Hiromi and I hung out with Derek and his family. We had dinner at Bite and then went drinking at debonair. It was madness. I ran into a bunch of friends and hung out with insane people. I ran in to Pete and he had Ashley Simpson in tow. hah. Who knew? Then we about died - and so we went home.

Then on Friday I met up with Tag and James and went to see Daft Punk. It was as good as you could imagine. Very Very solid. Incredible stage show. Not boring like other big name electronic acts. Amazing lights. After the show, I met up with Hiromi and had dinner - then went back out with tag, James, Latif and Amjad. It owned. We went to Green Dolphin and saw the ed banger crew. Green Dolphin is awesome for their outside patio. It was amazing to listen to great music and just chill outside with a bunch of friends. After we got bored outside - we went in and danced insanely to DJ Funk. So crazy.

On Saturday, Hiromi and I headed to lollapalooza around midday and managed to catch the yeah yeah yeahs. We met up with my friend Beth and some of her friends to enjoy the spectacle. yeah yeah yeahs . As good as you can imagine. Karen O is hilarious and really fun. After Y3 we watched a bit of muse and decided to head back home to shower. After showering, we went to sushi wabi. It was excellent as usual. We then went to debonair where it was absolutely insane. We ended up staying there until around 5am. Totally out of control.

On Sunday, Hiromi and I met up with Flosstradamus to give them the Threadless t-shirt cannon for their show later at lolla. Then we busted over to lolla to catch them shooting T-shirts and floss sunglasses into the crowd. Funny. We then watched a bit of modest mouse and headed over to watch TV on the Radio. TV on the Radio were amazing. I really love that band. So much good music. After TV on the Radio - Hiromi and I split. We didn’t want to see Pearl Jam.

We then fell asleep until Monday.

It was really awesome to see all my friends and what not who came to town. So much fun. I can’t wait until next year.

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