1194644413_dee0e79391_oSo the other weekend, Hiromi and I went to colorado to celebrate our marriage with our friends and family. It was fun. It was a party a year in the waiting. We had a ton of friends come and had some really nice parties at my parents house. Only a little bit of mayhem and pretty much an awesome time all around.

It all started on Wednesday night. Hiromi and I flew to Denver. It was uneventful. So I guess you could say it started on Thursday. On Thursday, Hiromi, My mom, Dylan and myself all went to the Denver airport to pick up  our friend Phil and Hiromi's friends and parents (who came all the way from Japan).

We waited and waited. And bumped into Phil. And waited and waited some more. During our waiting, i talked to our family friend, Jon, who was coming into town via... hitchhiking... and was driving past DIA while we were there. He just missed us. Anyway, Hiromi's family and friends finally made it. And we got their bags and headed back to Greeley. Thursday night we went and had dinner at Young's Cafe. Then we all went home and crashed!

Friday day, we all went to the mountains. It was really neat. We hung out and had lunch in Estes Park and then went to Rocky Mountain National Park for a bit. We walked around Bear's Lake. Hiromi's father took some awesome pictures. Then we headed back to our house for a mini pre-party.

Matiss, Jon, My dad and Dylan had slaved all day making foods and what not. So we had some food and hung out and drank beers. Then we did some mentos rockets and acted crazy. So the usual Reed family get together. I am not quite sure what Hiromi's parents thought about it. But they seemed to have a lot of fun. We certainly did.

Saturday was the "big day" and we all got together and had lunch. Then headed over to the ranch were our party was. We got everything set up and got dressed. Just in time for all of our guests to arrive.

We then entertained, juggled and hung out with lots of people. It was fun. It was very awesome to see so many people coming together to celebrate our marriage. happiness!

After our little shindig. We all headed to my parents house to hang out and drink some more. We just played around. Screwed around. and hung out until everyone got tired.

Then on Sunday we went back to Chicago.

Here are pictures from SarahHere are pictures from Hiromi's father.

Thanks to my parents for being such wonderful hosts and making the party actually happen. Hiromi and I are such slackers that without them, nothing would have happened. And special thanks to Sarah and Dylan. They really helped bring everything together.

We hope to do this every year!

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