I sit on IRC quite a lot. Most of the time in #corporate on efnet. I have been there pretty much everyday for the last 5 years. Kind of insane. I love shells. anyway, in the past couple months some friends and i were talking about starting another channel. So we brainstormed some channel names. Then i squatted in a couple of them to see what kind of people came in. We didn’t want something that people were regularly joining or using. We wanted something fresh but easy to remember.

Tonight i was sitting here, minding my own business when someone comes into #hot (a horrible name, but one we talking about) and just starts talking away. The funny thing is that there is nobody but me and a bot in the channel. And we have similar nicks - so if you were on IRC for more than a couple minutes you would realize that at least one of us is not real. So this guy jumps into the channel and says:

23:30|starbosa (~hh@ has joined channel #hot 23:31|<starbosa:#hot> you must be encridibley thick, i’m the dominant one here 23:31|<starbosa:#hot> be yourself, be ziad, stop copying other people 23:31|<starbosa:#hot> i’m seeing other people right now 23:31|<starbosa:#hot> i’m beeing myself 23:32|<starbosa:#hot> that’s why you copy people, you’re not creative 23:33|<starbosa:#hot> you’re being too emotional, so i’m going to change the subjet, it’s irrelvent 23:34|<starbosa:#hot> a real man is creative, he knwos himself 23:39|<starbosa:#hot> a real man is creative, he doesnt copy others 23:41|starbosa has left channel #hot 23:41|starbosa (~hh@ has joined channel #hot 23:43|<starbosa:#hot> ziad i said be yourself 23:43|<starbosa:#hot> i’m seeing other people, thats why u copy cause you’re not creative 23:44|<starbosa:#hot> you are prone to copy, cause u’re not creative 23:47|<starbosa:#hot> that doesnt make u a man 23:49|<starbosa:#hot> you copy cause you’re not an arab like, so thats not who u really are, you can barely speak arabic 23:56|<starbosa:#hot> you’re in a state of turmoil, how can you be taken seriously 00:09|<starbosa:#hot> ziad can’t overwhelm a fly, it’s just that you’re not being yourself 01:06|Signoff: starbosa (Read error: Operation timed out)
Heh. No idea whats going on. But it was very entertaining. I feel like he was breaking up with my bot. maybe my bots real name is zaid. I do know that my bot is terrible at arabic. So that is probably it.