Today I found out that my dad was placed into the hospital to help him fight his infidel skin. Basically he has what is colloquially known as “extreme eczema,” but basically it seems that his skin is attempting to hijack his body and run it into a building. So with that in mind, he went to get himself checked out.

During his check out, the doctor was like “OMG. Yours skin is at terror alert red. you need to check yourself in immediately. ” and so he did.

Needless to say, my mom was pretty upset by this. My parents like each other (So strange in this day and age) and they don’t spend a lot of time apart. So my dad being away is hard. and now that he is away and in a hospital - it is a bit stressful.

She called and asked if I would come down with her. I wasn’t sure because i was supposed to go to this conference. So I checked around to see if any of my other siblings were able or near. I first called Dylan - but him being the only Reed left at the family company - he had to stay and hold down the fort. Apparently there were a bunch of fires he had to but out. So i called our brother from another mother - Jon. And this is where the story gets fun.

I call Jon and say “Jon, What are you up to.” Jon in his typical fashion tells me that he is just getting down from a redwood tree and is in California, but making his way to Portland. This is hilarious. I tell him the situation and he is pretty bummed, and can make it out on Thursday. So i tell him i will get back to him.

I then talk to my mom and mention that Jon is in some trees and can come out if she wants. So she tells me that I should “Tell him to stay in his tree.” Heh.

Damn hippies.

So anyway. I will be flying out to meet my mom and help support the family units for the next few days. Hopefully I will be able to get some awesome work done and explore the Hogwarts like world that is the hospital.