I have been working at skinnyCorp for about 2.4 years. We have grown a lot in that time. It is really cool to think about. When I started, we had 3 servers, a lot of traffic and were selling quite a few shirts a day. Now, we are approaching 40 servers, a veritable ass load of traffic and we are selling a lot of shirts. It has been awesome to be a part of growing the technology behind Threadless in a pace that matches the community.

It has been a great 2.4 years. So you can imagine how excited I was, when Jake and Jeffrey asked me if I wanted to be CTO of skinnyCorp. I smiled. Did a guitar kick. Said yes. and went back to work ;)

Part of my new position will be leading skinnyCorp and threadless to having a more public technology face. I hope to see more of you at conferences, and with luck, I will be able to talk about the cool stuff we are doing here at skinny.

I can’t wait to see where we will go in the next couple months, years. It will be fun to grow Threadless to wherever our community takes us. And it will be awesome to be a part of whatever tricks we have up our sleeves in the coming months. Stay tuned for some cool stuff.

Btw, We are looking for a mysql rockstar. Someone who is bad-ass and doesn’t mind being called a DBA. So if you are that person (or know someone) - send me an email.