I am a linux mad man recently. I was noticing today that almost all of my devices i enjoy using are unix and mostly linux based. Pretty insane. So with that thought i decided to unshackle myself from the man and attempt desktop linux for the first time.

I am scared. Hold me!

I am currently installing Ubuntu on my laptop. 7.04 didn’t boot on this guy - but 7.10 rocks pretty hard. So i am not yet disappointed. I am hoping that i will not need anything SUPER windowsy for awhile. And if I do - I am just going to install windows in either qemu or vmware. We shall see.

Honestly, I want a macbook.  I love OSX. I love the general usability, and the ease that everything works together. I love the app integration. I am absolutely in love with Address Book. I love making my contacts better and better. I hope to have EVERYONES email and phone. ;) But i don’t like how it obfuscates all the fun unixy parts. I wish it had a better package manager. I wish it was easier to dig into the trenches without getting into the darwin version of dll hell. But, I am not soo worried.

I  am addicted to debian’s package manager. From playing around on my fancy new ubuntu/debian servers to playing around with my various desktops i have played with. I have found the secret to linux. NEVER COMPILE ANYTHING. seriously. wth was i thinking back in 93. compiling all this shit all the time. that was bullshit. The new new is the way to be. I am dead serious. If i had a choice for running a server. it would be debian - based purely on the broad scope of packages that are in apt. And then if it isn’t in apt, i am easily able to find a .deb of the package. Rock. RPM’s can suck it (that’s right rackspace.. better watch out! I may change everything to debian at a moments notice!).

I love disto wars. Ma. I remember when Atkins and I were trying to decide whether to use slackware or yggdrasil linux. back in the day. we usually went with slackware. Then redhat came out and blew our minds. Then we didn’t care. until now!

Oh the struggle!

I am pretty happy that these are the worst things happening right now in my life. Which unix derivative to use for a desktop. ;) Rock On!