Tonight, Scott and I presented at the Chicago Ignite tech meetup. It was pretty fun. The event was “eventful” and the people were the usual. I was able to meet up with trow and the hosted labs guys - so that was good. It is always fun to involve ourselves in these affinity events. This one was especially funny because it was at a good friends bar. So when we showed up - it was quite hilarious.

We were scheduled to present on smart choices in small IT. However, that didn’t really go as we had planned. We got as far as creating an initial presentation of the small IT ideas - but we didn’t feel right presenting something so dry at the end of this event. We thought that most of the people are gunna be a bit intoxicated and probably won’t care that skinnycorp uses google apps. (If you think you might care - i suggest you check out Scott’s blog on the subject - it is a culmination of our talks and the basic outline for our planned presentation. ) So with this in mind, we gave up on doing a serious presentation and decided to just rock out in our typical guerrilla humor way.

So here is our presentation. I suggest that you check it out. I am so happy we didn’t do the serious presentation. When we finally went on, the crowd needed something more fun than the general dry tech pitch that so many people where going.