It's snowing like crazy.Hello everyone.

I have been busy. Threadless just ended its annual holiday sale (went out with a bang). Hiromi and I have been busy getting read for our holiday party with my parents on christmas (today!) and i have been hacking on a bunch of stuff in my spare time. Hiromi made an amazing dinner and we ate it. ;) It was a great time. We missed Dylan and Sarah, but we will hopefully see them soon.

This year has been great thus far and I will attempt to memorialize it in a year end post around the 1st. However, in the meantime I wanted to take a moment and say “HI” and go ahead and wish everyone a Happy Holidays. I hope everyone discovered their proper amount of conspicuous consumer. I know that we did.

Although, I certainly don’t update my blog quite as often as I would like (or my mom would like) - I do update my twitter status quite often and post a number of pictures to flickr. I am hopefully going to start updating this blog a bit more, but in the meantime you are welcome to check out my interweb activity aggregation page and the associated RSS feed (props to broox who showed me his, which I copied).