I meant to post this months ago. hah. For some reason, it didn’t quite make it live. Then a couple days ago, I was talking to a friend about his recent move to Lincoln Square. We spent some time talking about great places to go eat and hang out, and I remembered this post. I thought I would get it up and out there.

A couple months ago, Hiromi and I moved from Lincoln Square to Wicker Park. We had wanted to live in Wicker Park for many years and since we have nothing keeping us in Lincoln Square - we decided to go ahead and move.

Lincoln Square was awesome.

I really enjoyed living there for the 3 years we were there. The neighborhood was awesome. The people were great. The nightlife was… well, there was a bunch of great restaurants. ;)

I wanted to take a minute to chronicle the places we went to a bunch and the places we liked. Hopefully this list will helpful to someone. These are all the places I will miss.

  • Jury’s - This place is insane. It has great hamburgers, great food and great service. It also has one of the strangest crowds in Lincoln Square. Always makes me chuckle.
  • Drew’s Eatery - I like drew. He is nice. His eatery is a great place to get an afternoon snack or quick dinner. Very vegan friendly. This is key. They have Italian beef sandwiches. It isn’t often you can go to a vegan friendly place and order an Italian beef sandwich. I enjoy their water in a box.
  • The Globe - I think i went here 500 times for lunch with the SkinnyTech crew. It is a good place to watch people, football, rugby or have cheese fries.
  • Cafe28 - I love cafe 28. I suggest you go there immediately.
  • Delicious Cafe - another vegan friendly place in the area. They have great vegan sandwiches and sweets. They often host dinners and other special vegan events. *Rosded - This is my favorite Thai place. It is cheap, good and small - as all thai places should be.
  • Costellos - makes good sandwiches. We often walked there on an afternoon. It is always packed with families.
  • Half Acre Brewery - a recent addition to the neighborhood. It is a great way to grab a growler for a party or BYOB place. *Mythos - Mythos is insane. I love every bit of it. If you are a fan of Greek foods and like BYOB then this place is for you. Mix it with some wine or the aforementioned Half Acre growler.
  • Glenn’s - I think this is one of my favorite places in Lincoln Square. It is hilariously packed. Make a reservation.
  • Mertz - this is for hiromi and hippies. They have nice soap.
  • Hazel - A nice gift store/nick nack store. A great place for picking up gifts or party favors. I recommend it. We got many good items here. The people are always nice and they do gift wrapping.
  • First Slice cafe - another great lunch spot. Out of the way. tasty and nice.
  • Cho Sun Ok - The insane people who went here took ALL of our parking spots, always. But for good reason. this is a great korean place.
  • Davis Theatre - It is like a grindhouse theatre mixed with yuppies. A great place to see a cheap movie.

I imagine I missed a bunch of great places. If you have any favs, leave them in the comments.

I really like Lincoln Square. I think we would live there again.