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04 Jun 2020


A few friends have asked where they should send their money to better help support black lives and our local chicago communities.

This is a list of places that we have supported and I think you should too.

Remember, the key is to give them your money. A lot of it. Over and over again.

My Block, My Hood, My City

Jahmal Cole has an amazing program that is helping young people on the south side do amazing work. He is inspiring and really knows where help is needed. GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

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Good Kids, Mad city

An amazing group of young people fighting for resources for their neighborhoods. One of my favorite orgs in Chicago right now. GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

You gotta email them - or email me and i will make sure your money gets to GKMC

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BYP100 is a group of black leaders who are the future of our nation. GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

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Chicago Community Bail Fund

This is so important. Stop people from being victim to our fucked up bail system. GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

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ACLU Illinois

ACLU has always been here for those that need justice and equality. The illinois chapter is helping out Chicago and greater illinois. GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

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Human Utility

Tiffani Ashley Bell has been inspiring since the day I saw her launch Human Utility. She is helping people avoid debt jail by paying off their water bills. PAY PEOPLES WATER BILLS!

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Center for Policing Equity

Not only is Phillip Atiba Goff one of my favorite people on the planet, but his organization is at the forefront of changing the way police do work. GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

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Colloqate Design

Justice isn’t just about police. It is also about our environment and where we all live. Bryan Lee Jr’s org is helping to make a more just environment for us all. GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

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Rose, the founder of MRelief has been a leader around justice and equality for as long as I have known her. MRelief is helping ensure that people get access to what they need the most. GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

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Equal Justice Initiative

Bryan Stevenson’s work is amazing and inspiring. I have been lucky to have seen some of his talks live and I always come away thinking “wtf is our society doing” and having hope. GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

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To my friends who are white (it me!)

These are somethign that have helped me recently.

Remember why we are here. We are here because black lives matter. That is it. Simple.