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26 Jan 2023

Some minor prompt engineering

A prompt I recently put into ChatGPT:

Write a very short super casual blog post on the following:

  • experimenting with chatGPT. It is fun and scary.
  • completely addicted to midjourney.
  • thinking a lot about ESP32, simple hacks, and LEDS (specifically WLED).
  • thinking a lot about fediverse and federation and how older open source communities are often myopic, poisonous to new comers, and outsiders.
  • thinking a lot about photography. I kind of want a M11.
  • thinking about lighting up a private-ish pixelfed instance. Who wants in?
  • thinking a lot about reading feeds. Please send me you OPML? Please!
  • mourning the death of twitter.
  • I am curating a list of tools I regularly use. Should I write a blog about it?
  • stressed about work / excited about work
  • excited to head to Japan shortly
  • excited about the future