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29 Jan 2023

Where to find me now

Ever since twitter kind of died I have been a bit lost as to where to post random thoughts.

Here is how I am participating in the internet currently:

Man, the internet is a mess. It is always a mess - but it seems more of mess than ever.

The fediverse is very exciting. it is neat to see a lot of the things that we talked about in the early 2010s coming to fruition.

I have feelings. lol.

I think that the UID scheme for mastadon is kind of stupid. I think there would be way way less confusion if we ditched the stupid server metaphor and moved to just using email. Let’s use webfinger and all the magic and call it a day. Then we can lean into the UIDs that people know and love and not some @[email protected]. Let people just follow their contacts and not be split into weird network / IRC madness.

The crypto networks are pretty fun tho. Farcaster is my fav. A really wonderful community of builders building neat things. Nostr, tho.. whew… it’s early.


Please hmu and i would love to learn what you think of all this. especially the magic world of decentralization and fediverse.