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18 Dec 2023

Harper's climate fiction reading list

Explore the imminent realities of a changing climate through fiction. Dive into this curated reading list, featuring gripping tales like 'The Deluge' and 'American War', that paint a vivid picture of our possible future. Whether you're starting with Stephen Markley's 'The Deluge' or branching out to the entire list, each book offers a unique perspective on the challenges ahead. Join the journey and share your thoughts on these climate fiction must-reads.

30 Nov 2023

The new new AI tools

Holy Smokes there is a lot of new AI tools out there. Here is what I have been recently using

10 Feb 2023

Some thoughts about turntables

Dive into the world of turntables with a seasoned audiophile's comprehensive guide. Discover detailed insights on the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO turntable, various setup options like preamps, amps, and streaming setups, along with personal recommendations for creating the perfect vinyl listening experience. Learn about quality gear choices, from the Schitt Mani preamp to the Bluesound streaming setup, and get practical advice on accessories like record storage solutions. Whether you're a vinyl veteran or new to the scene, this guide offers a genuine, knowledgeable perspective on enjoying music through turntables.

29 Jan 2023

Where to find me now

Exploring the Chaotic World of Social Media: Harper Reed's Digital Odyssey - Join Harper Reed in his candid exploration of today's digital landscape. As Twitter's relevance wanes, Reed delves into the fediverse's rise, embracing platforms like Mastodon, Farcaster, and Bluesky. With a critical eye on Mastodon's UID scheme and an enthusiast’s zest for crypto networks, especially Farcaster, he navigates the 'mess' of the internet with humor and insight. Share your thoughts on decentralization and the fediverse with Harper, and join this engaging journey through the ever-evolving world of social media.

26 Jan 2023